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Conferences Capacity And Configuration

Schematic Design of Mission Conference Rooms
Meetings, Banquets, & Events
Rooms Square Footage Ceiling Height Room Dimension
Mission Conference Center 2000 9.5' 55.5" X 36'
Krug Center Patio 900 N/A 25' X 36'
Mission A 760 9.6' 21' X 36'
Mission B 650 9.5' 18' X 36'
Mission C 600 9.5' 16.5' X 36'
Style of Set-Up
Rooms Class-room U-Shape Closed U Boardroom Theatre Banquet Reception
Krug Event Center 76 52 56 N/A 120 100 100
Mission B & C 56 32 40 32 80 56 40
Mission A 20 20 N/A 20 40 N/A 20
Mission B 20 20 N/A 20 40 N/A 20
Mission C 20 20 N/A 20 40 N/A 20
Krug Center Patio N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 30 30
Classroom Style: All participants sit on one side of the table facing the speaker.
Theater Style: All participants sit on chairs (no tables) facing the speaker.
U-Shape: All participants sit on the outside only, of tables in a u-shape. (This set up is best for speakers who need room to move around or have several pieces of A/V to use.)
Hollow Square: Used to give participants the feeling of having more space, privacy and also helpful for connecting multiple lap tops.
Conference: Also called Boardroom, this style is used for working closely as a group with everyone sitting, including the speaker or group leader, for most of the time.
Buffet: Chairs on both sides of the table if using rectanglular tables. Round tables work best for buffet and banquet.
Banquet: Several different set-ups can be used for banquet depending on the size of room. A large u-shape can be used in combination with round tables if using the entire conference center. Banquet style uses all sides of the tables.
Reception: Tables and chairs placed as needed, but most attendees stand.