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29 - Jan
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Where:Ner Shalom, 85 La Plaza, Cotati, California, United States, 94931
Taught by Rinat Abastado, Doron Hovav and Reb Irwin Keller. The Land of Israel sits centrally in the Jewish imagination - it is the setting of Torah, the site of great historical learning and the source of much of our mysticism. Our longing for this land sits inside of every Jewish prayer service and in many ways informs our identities as Jews of the Diaspora. The modern State of Israel is trickier business. It is in part an answer to the persecutions experienced by Jewish communities for millennia. It has been a point of pride and a source of culture, science and Jewish re-invention. But it is also full of conflict - left vs. right, religious vs. secular, Ashkenazi vs. Mizrachi, and - perhaps most visibly and heartbreakingly - Israeli vs. Palestinian. How can we hold this complexity? How can we be in service to a peaceful future? These are among the questions we will explore in this ridiculously short, 3-session introduction to the land of Israel, past and present. So fasten your seatbelts. This class is foundational for all Ner Shalomers going on this May's trip to Israel. It is also open to others who wish to come, learn, and discuss. Ner Shalom Member - $10.00 Non-Member - $20.00 Israel Trip Participant - $0.00
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