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04 - Jun
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Where:Robert Ferguson Observatory, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, 2605 Adobe Canyon Road, Kenwood, California, United States, 95452
Have you ever wondered what's really out there in the night sky? Wished you could zoom in on cosmic marvels? What if you had a handful of astronomers at your elbow, showing the way, answering your questions in plain language? That's a Focus Night at Robert Ferguson Observatory! These are small groups so you get plenty of scope time, and a chance to focus on-- Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, and there's a LOT going on there! Learn about the Great Red Spot, the four Galilean moons, missions to Jupiter, and much more. If you've never seen Jupiter in a telescope, you're missing out on the thrill of a lifetime. But that's not all! Other spectacles of the night sky, including nebulae and galaxies, also await. Program info: In the observatory classroom you'll hear an in-depth presentation. Afterward, we move outside to three different telescopes for a direct look. In our new 40-inch reflector, one of the largest public telescopes in California, you can see details of deep-space objects that will leave you murmuring in awe. The observatory is a 501(3)(c) institution, and all proceeds from this event go towards maintaining its many public education programs. For vital information about directions, parking, arrival times, please visit and click on the "Focus Night" tab. For more information about the Robert Ferguson Observatory and its other astronomy programs, please visit

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