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27 - Sep
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Where:Robert Ferguson Observatory, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, 2605 Adobe Canyon Road, Kenwood, California, United States, 95452
Stars are giant balls of gas so massive that their internal pressures and temperatures result in sustained nuclear fusion that generates tremendous amounts of energy. In this lab we examine what happens when stars exhaust their nuclear fuel, observing the various sorts of remnants different types of stars leave behind, from white dwarves to black holes. Observing Labs provide a night of intensive telescope observing devoted to a single topic. Attendance is limited to 10 participants. Each attendee will get lots of eye time at several observatory telescopes, with an annotated observing list of the targeted objects, guidance from the docents operating the scopes, a brief presentation explaining the night's topic, and more. This is a special observing experience that few people get to have. You can expect to notice subtle detail that escapes more casual viewers. You will appreciate the nature of the objects you are viewing because they are related to the night's topic. All of this is made easy and is ready and waiting for you! Program information Scheduled: Friday, Sept 27, 7:00pm Rain Check: Tuesday, Oct 1, 7:00pm This lab is scheduled with a "rain check" date in case the sky conditions are unfavorable on the scheduled night. (Participants will be notified 24 hours in advance.) Thus, there are two opportunities for the session to occur successfully. If the lab is canceled on both nights, refunds will be issued. Please consider your availability on both dates before purchasing a ticket. (If you notify us in advance that you positively cannot attend the "rain check" night, you will be refunded if the lab occurs that night). The presentations starts promptly at the time shown. Please consider your travel time before purchasing tickets. For more information about the Robert Ferguson Observatory and its other astronomy programs, please visit

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