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13 - Jun
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Where:Napa Valley Unitarian Universalists, 1625 Salvador Ave,, Napa County, California, United States, 94558
Adult Religious Education — 9:30 AM K'lyn Matthews, "G - AWE - D : An Infinite Invitation" These words appear on the UUA website: Unitarian Universalists have many ways of naming what is sacred. Some believe in a God; some don't believe in a God. Some believe in a sacred force at work in the world, and call it "love," "mystery," "source of all" or "spirit of life." We are … each influenced by our cultures and life experiences to understand "the ground of our being" in our own way. Unitarian Universalists are agnostic, theist, atheist, and everything in between. For many, the word GOD can carry an emotional charge. You will be invited to read some poetry describing the concept in new ways and then have time to share your thoughts. Please honor our RE covenant (to make room for all to share by limiting personal spoken time to around 3-5 minutes) as you choose to respond to one or all of today's questions: • How old were you when you first defined "God" (or rejected the concept) for yourself? • Has your opinion changed over time? • How do you understand "the ground of your being?" Do you name what you consider sacred? • Share any emotions or thoughts which arise while reading the poetry presented here today. • How are you enriched by sharing your spiritual life with a UU community? Main Service — 11:00 AM Rev. Dr. Leisa Huyck, "Playing Well with Others" In Rev. Leisa's final service with us, we will return to the story of tending the sacred well of the Waters of Life. What have we accomplished together in the two years of our shared ministry? What still remains to be done? As we make plans to re-open, how might resting and playing together help us move into our future in the best way possible? We will thank this year's volunteers and send Rev. Leisa off with our best wishes. Social Hour — ten minutes after completion of the Main Service Visit for service links.
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