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06 - Jun
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Where:Napa Valley Unitarian Universalists, 1625 Salvador Ave,, Napa County, California, United States, 94558
Adult Religious Education — 9:30 AM Iris Craig, "Transformation" Allow yourself to imagine that, like a butterfly, we have been in a cocoon/chrysalis this past year of more. Confined to our homes, with the exception of zoom conversations and classes, we have been in a long retreat. Now, is the end of our time in a cocoon and as we begin to come out of it, only we can exercise the will emerge. For a while our existence is amorphous, like the green glue of the emerging butterfly. Slowly we shed are confined space and for a while, we are fragile. Our wings are damp and scaly. We rest for a while, and then, metamorphosis is complete, we begin our flight into our future. Main Service — 11:00 AM Rev. Dr. Leisa Huyck, "Dead but not Gone" In the movie Coco, the ancestors remain in the land of the dead, still close to the lives of their living relatives, as long as someone still remembers them. What does process theology tell us about death, memory, and how both affect life as it continues to unfold? In this service, the weekend after Memorial Day, we will briefly remember and honor those people connected with the congregation who have died in the past year. Social Hour — ten minutes after completion of the service Visit for service links.
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