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09 - May
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Where:Napa Valley Unitarian Universalists, 1625 Salvador Ave,, Napa County, California, United States, 94558
Napa Valley Unitarian Universalists Sunday Services — May 9, 2021 Adult Religious Education — 9:30 AM Thompson Hamilton, "Searching for Balance Post-Covid" I am feeling an uncomfortable and inevitable pull toward embracing a Post-COVID, new-normal life. A life where I leave the house for work and entertainment. A life where group sizes grow beyond my comfort zone. A life away from the couch, from naps, from my routines, a life outside, in the open, where everyone can see! I know that I am not alone in this and I wish that knowledge caused more relief than it does. One major issue for myself and many others has to do with how the pandemic may have changed us. Do we still want the lives we had before COVID? Are we adding a career change, or a job search to our reintegration? Do we worry about our ability to do what we once did? At times like these I am glad to be surrounded by so many truth seekers. I am also glad that we can find it, the truth, among so many faith traditions. I yearn for a balance that seems always to elude me. I can achieve snippets of calm, bits of balance and sometimes while I sit, I can see the structure upon which I can build my best life. The illusion is broken when I reach for the first bit of the scaffold. What was solid, dances away from my grasp like smoke. I tend to look toward eastern sources for myself and have found pieces of the answer among Taoism and forms of Buddhism. They have a lot to say about grounding and balance. Where do you look? Main Service — 10:30 AM North Bay UUs & Rev. Dr. Leisa Huyck, "Arise Then, Women of this Day" Is Mother's Day a holiday you celebrate, or a holiday you dread? Neither? Both? Is it even relevant in today's world? This Mother's Day, we will tell the stories of how Mother's Day came into being in the US, and think about what it might mean for us now. Social Hour — ten minutes after completion of the service Visit for service links.
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