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17 - Aug
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Where:CRU @ The Annex, 1046 McKinstry Street, Napa, California, United States, 94559
Napa Bookmine is thrilled to present debut author Kira Jane Buxton's incredible novel, Hollow Kingdom, at the gorgeous downtown Napa tasting room, Cru @ the Annex! Your ticket gets you a copy of the book at a discount, a glass of wine at Cru @ the Annex, and the opportunity to hear Kira read from her amazing novel and get your book signed! Additional wine and books will be available for purchase. Hollow Kingdom is the incredible tale of one scrappy little crow who comes beak-to-beak with a brave new world. S.T. lives happily with his human Big Jim and an embarrassingly dimwitted bloodhound, Dennis. S.T. loves Cheetos and the History Channel, and his MoFo (human) Big Jim. But something's happened to Big Jim; he's lethargic and antisocial, plus there's that whole episode where his eyeball fell out... S.T.'s attempts to snap Big Jim out of it fail, and the duo are forced to lock him up in the house they once shared and seek answers in the wider world. Much to their dismay, the streets of Seattle are not the busy thoroughfares they used to be, but are instead a violent domain of crashed cars and buses. MoFos are few and far between, but the ones S.T. and Dennis do find are no longer what they used to be. And the natural world is taking over with a vengeance. Though S.T. has rarely deigned to converse with his fellow animals, he's now forced to tap into their network to try and figure out what's going on. S.T. is no ordinary crow, and his journey for answers and redemption is an astonishing one.Hollow Kingdom is uproariously funny; S.T. is a master of sarcasm and impeccably crafted insults. But more importantly, there is an effulgent love of nature laced throughout the narrative. Trees, grass, and earthworms all play their part in Mother Nature's grand scheme, the biggest animals no greater than the smaller ones, and a return to pure nature levels all playing fields. As S.T. gets back in touch with his corvid roots, albeit reluctantly, we
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