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26 - Nov
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Where:The HopMonk Tavern - Novato, 224 Vintage Way, Novato, California, United States, 94945
Bacteria are under constant attack from viruses. In order to defend themselves, these microbes have evolved a unique and creative immune system that scientists have called "CRISPR." As scientists work to unravel and understand this intricate immune system, they have realized that CRISPR proteins might not only improve the health of bacteria, but also the health — and nature(!) — of human beings. Researchers have shown that an assortment of CRISPR proteins can be programmed to cut any sequence of DNA. The ability to precisely edit the genome of nearly any organism has revolutionized biology, medicine, and agriculture. From curing deadly genetic disorders to engineering drought-resistant plants, CRISPR genome editing technology will reshape modern medicine and equip us with tools to cope with a changing planet. UC Berkeley biophysicist Kevin Doxzen will unravel this groundbreaking technology and outline pressing questions that now confront society. For full event information, please vist:
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